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               Jiang Xiyou, treasure to agricultural science and technology co., LTD. Was established in June 2008, is located in ganzhou city letter fung industrial park avenue integrity, total investment 100 million yuan, the registered capital of 38.87 million yuan, covers an area of 55 acres. Company is the second batch of national forestry key leading enterprises and provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, the company's MORE+
            • The company has the advantage of the whole industry chain, covering planting, middle reaches of the industry chain upstream downstream of camellia oil processing, as well as the tea oil, tea meal, comprehensive exploitation and utilization of the whole industry chain company has certain market visibility and reputation.
            • Firms towards building the country's influential oil-tea industrial park development, which contains camellia processing base, the base of resource conservation, high quality oil-tea camellia seed seedling breeding base, forest ecological ornamental base and differential planting demonstration base, is the provincial level, ten thousand mu of camellia science park.
            • Company's main camellia plant, camellia seed series products processing and sales, at present has completed processing 6000 tons of camellia seed, refined tea camellia oil 3000 tons, 3000 tons of pulp production workshop, 1000 tons of tea meal powder, 1000 tons of tea meal particles, 500 tons of camellia oil cosmetics and 500 tons of tableware detergent production lines each one.
            • Camellia will be an organic product certificate (have organic conversion certificate for 3 years, can be achieved by the organic product certification) my company is the second batch of national key leading enterprises of forestry, and base of oil-tea camellia base is jiangxi province science and technology demonstration garden, by the ministry of agriculture as a national modern demonstration garden.
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            Telephone:86 -0797 -3338388/128
            Fax:86- 0797 -3338339
            Zip Code:341600
            AddressFaith Road, Xinfeng Industrial Zone, Xinfeng, Jiangxi, China
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            Telephone:86 -0797 -3338388/128 Technical Support:HuaQiLiFang
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